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Illusive Reality Experiment

Well done. You know what? I don't really believe you. But who knows? Maybe you are really gifted viewers.

Did you enjoy it? Did you see what the hell went past there? Now you can look again at the movie. Click here to see the movie. Keep it to yourself, don't spoil it for your friends...

This journey gives us a good feeling for just how elusive and subjective is our perception of the world. Distracting our minds is not that hard. Magicians use this quiet often, they trick us by simply diverting our minds to a certain activity while performing a different activity at the same time.

But the real questions that arise from this movie are far more interesting. Could it be that in reality, certain activities take place "under our nose" without us noticing them?

In our daily life we often come across items such as keys, pens, watch, remote control etc. that kind of "disappear" only to show up later in the same or other place. Did you ever ask yourself how does this happen? Or where those items where after they disappeared and before they were found again?

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The video Daniel J. Simons

Ami Ben Basat -
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